June 2009

Blogging CineVegas: From the Wild Weekend to Closing Night

An inside look at the films, Q&As, promotions and local flare at CineVegas 2009.

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Justin Long in <i>Patriotville</i>, which screened at CineVegas on Friday.

The Independent's Jessica Tripp bypasses the sold out 500 Days of Summer and opts for a screening of Patriotville (view a clip here), a series of locally-made shorts, which can be viewed online here, and Asylum Seekers (view the trailer here) and, after a crazy Vegas weekend, ends the festival, with a low-key drive-in screening on Fremont Street.

In grand Vegas tradition, CineVegas really heated up for the weekend. Theaters became more and more crowded as locals and visitors joined the press and film students that had been watching faithfully since Wednesday.

Blogging SilverDocs: The Centerpiece Screening

Blogger Enette Ngoei attends the Centerpiece Screeing of AJ Schnack's "Convention."

A still from AJ Schnack's <i>Convention</i< filmed at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Independent blogger Enette Ngoei is forced to choose between the many nighttime screenings offered at SilverDocs this year. Going back and forth between AJ Schnack's Convention, Peter Greenaway's Act of God (view the trailer here) and Oded Adomi Leshem's Voices from El-Sayed (view the trailer here), she makes a snap decision to go with the Centerpiece Screening of Convention and gets an inside look at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Limited by a day job, I was confined to picking one of the 122 nighttime screenings at SilverDocs 2009 and, not knowing much about any of them, my decision was a bit of a gamble.

Blogging SilverDocs: The Filmmakers

Q&As with four of the filmmakers screening at SilverDocs this year.

No Imact Man and his daughter shop for food at a local farmers' market.

The Independent's Randi Cecchine talks to four filmmakers screening at SilverDocs this month, and with subjects ranging from extreme attempts to reduce a carbon footprint, to a Romanian teenagers run-in with Sacha Baron Cohen, this preview gives a taste of the subjects and variety that SilverDocs has to offer this year. Read interviews with the directors of No Impact Man, Off and Running (view the trailer here), Carmen Meets Borat (view a clip from the film here), and Long Distance.

This week I’ll be heading to SilverDocs Documentary Film Festival and International Documentary Conference in Silver Spring, MD outside of Washington, DC.

I interviewed four filmmakers via e-mail before the festival and I look forward to meeting up with them and asking more questions at SilverDocs.

Long Distance
Moritz Siebert
28 min. | United Kingdom

Blogging CineVegas: An Introduction to the Festival

A look at the films, parties and panels at the CineVegas Film Festival.

A still from Kerry Prior's "zompire" movie, <i>The Revenant</i>.

Las Vegas is known for being over the top, so of course nothing less can be expected for its film festival. This year CineVegas showcases films from all over the world as well as local talent, like Kerry Prior, whose horror film, The Revenant (view the trailer here), had its world premiere at CineVegas. The Independent's Jessica Tripp blogs from the festival for a Vegas tell-all, from the Q&As to the after parties.

A god lands in a Nevada Suburb. The mentally insane compete for the last bed in a fancy asylum. A dead man rises for a joyride in a Camaro. Yes, it's just another day at CineVegas at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

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