July 2010

Distributor FAQ: FilmBuff

In an interview with FilmBuff's Chris Horton, The Independent asks about the evolving landscape of digital distribution, and whether or not it's an independent filmmaker's new best friend.

A still from "The Patriot Act: A Jeffrey Ross Home Movie."

More and more filmmakers use digital release platforms like iTunes, Netflix Streaming, and Video-on-Demand. Chris Horton, head of acquisitions for FilmBuff, explains the role his company can play in digital distribution.

FilmBuff is a digital distribution service provided by Cinetic Rights Management (CRM). Although FilmBuff is less than three years old, its sister company, Cinetic Media, has been a major player in film sales since 2001.

Fantasia's Programmer Simon Laperrière Wants You to See More Genre Films

Genre and auteur cinema cross paths in Montréal at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Fantasia International Film Festival features genre film, hybrids, and crossovers.

The Independent's Patrick Pearce sits down with Fantasia International Festival's programmer Simon Laperrière to discuss the intersection between genre and auteur cinema at the festival, and genre films' most influential directors.

Montréal’s Fantasia International Film Festival may well be the largest film fest you’ve never heard of. If you haven’t been following genre film at all, you might be excused...but not for much longer.

How an Innovative Web Doc Secured Traditional Distribution

French filmmakers David Dufresne and Philippe Brault used web engagement to stir interest in American prison reform.

"Prison Valley" starts traditional and goes multimedia to engage its audience.

Led by two French filmmakers, the web doc Prison Valley addresses prison reform in the US with an interactive online format, making a splash in the world of digital journalism and securing distribution with Arte TV in France.

Prison Valley, a multimedia prison reform project, tells the tale of Fremont County, Colorado: a tiny patch of the Southwest packed with 13 prisons and a local economy that revolves around the incarceration of 7,735 people—many of whom are the county’s own residents.

A Meeting of Worlds: YouTube Biennial at the Guggenheim

Courtney Sheehan reports on the Guggenheim’s foray into digital culture and the mixed reactions to merging low and high culture

Your video could get the Guggenheim seal of approval.

YouTube and the Guggenheim are joining forces to orchestrate “the first biennial of creative video,” called YouTube Play. The Independent's Courtney Sheehan ponders the high-meets-low aspect of this endeavor with help from the blogosphere.

The Guggenheim Museum: one of the art world’s most venerable institutions, home of masterpieces from the Impressionist movement to the modern era.

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